Use the form below to register for the event at The Aurora theater. 


This event is offered on a sliding scale in order to ensure that it is accessible to everyone. Please choose an amount that reflects your ability to give. 

  • Please come for free if you have a very limited expendable income and have little to no access to savings or financial support from your family. 

  • Please consider donating $25 per ticket if doing so would be an investment but not cause hardship for you. 

  • Please consider donating $50 or more per ticket if you are able to comfortably meet your needs and/or have increased earning privilege due to your race, gender, or education.

All donations will benefit the joint effort of PFC and the Land Conservancy to purchase the farmland PFC currently leases, add needed infrastructure, and add a conservation easement to protect the land forever. Learn more about this campaign here.