NatureLab: Workshops 

Would you like to learn more about the natural world around you? Or about the unique features of our Western New York landscape? This summer we are offering three workshops taught by our Naturalist, Erik Danielson, Understanding Wetlands, Advanced Tree ID, and Forest Change and Forest Resilience. These workshops will cover more ground than our typical public walks, and participants will receive instructional materials prior to the workshop. Space is limited to 10 registrants per workshop. 

Please note: You don't have to attend all three workshops, but can choose a la carte. The cost to attend is $50 per workshop.

Hemlock Forest.jpg

Forest Change and Forest Resilience

August 21, 2021
11:00 a.m.-2:00
The Allegany Wildlands

For more than two centuries, the impacts of land-use change in the wake of expanded European settlement have driven dramatic changes in Western New York’s forests. Logging and agriculture, diseases like Chestnut Blight, and introduced plant and animal species have reshaped every aspect of our forests, from the canopy to the soil between the roots of the trees. The Allegany Wildlands property records a history of these tumultuous centuries as well as traces of what came before, stretching back to the peak of the last ice age. In spite of all of these impacts, our wild lands have an incredible capacity for resilience when stewarded wisely. Participants in this workshop will explore the biological clues that allow us to “read” the deeply interwoven wild and human history that is written on the landscape, and consider the role of our modern society in shaping its future. Participants will receive a handout prior to the workshop.