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What is Relx Infinity?

The RELX Infinity or RELX Classic V2 developed from Relx Zero is the latest model from which the manufacturer has changed the RELX brand Body Design, Pod Design, Indicator Light, Charging Cable, Heating System Increased Battery Capacity and Waterproofing Copied modified and improved performance up to 59 times to achieve the desired results Pleasant Moment filed 53+ device innovations Patent applications and participation in the 2020 Red Dot Awards, an event that guarantees world-class quality Designers and manufacturers from more than 50 countries around the world participated in the event. And over 6,500 products submitted for entry! Where the Products Are RELX Infinity has been a 2020 Design Award winner, acclaimed for its ability to deliver full flavor. And it vapes very smoothly.

Because RELX Infinity. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as Active-Steam Pro and Air Boost, a technology that balances and controls atomic activity and temperature control. Firm Softer And the design with Air Boost technology is aerodynamic. The new pot head is designed internally to improve cooling efficiency and give a shape that fits the lips Making smoking easier It also adds a total of 11 layers of internal structure to help prevent leaks. For a superior user experience No leaks and a clearer, enhanced aroma Helps to quit smoking more effectively

4 Things That Make Relx Infinity Better Than You Think

There are probably a lot of people wondering why it has to be the Relx Pod and why not another, or how it can help with quitting smoking. Today we will discuss 4 main things about Relx Ininifty.

1. Modern design and size

I must say that the design is very elegant and beautiful. Offers not as good quality materials as medical devices It also has the shape of a fountain pen. Small Lightweight Easy to carry Most importantly, it is easy to use and sure to please all users. Because there is no need to prepare complicated equipment As long as there is a jug of liquid, the machine can pump water without pressing any button or anything.

2. Fully functional

In terms of functionality, it has to be said that it is very complete, whether it is a pump that provides a tight, clear flow, cooling system. Most importantly, has the ability to alert the use of light and vibration signals and cut off the system to alert both when there is a problem with the device. Or smoking too often

3. Safety friendly

Relx Infinity used as salt nicotine, the highest concentration and purity of the liquid nicotine category. And contains key ingredients proven to be harmless to the smoker's body Tastes great Smokes less than cigarettes Plus the smoke evaporates quickly. It definitely does not affect those around you. Up to 95% safety

4. Easy to quit smoking

An important part of choosing Relx Infinity from Relx Australia to help quit smoking is because it has less smoke. Does not contain toxic substances produced by combustion and provides than can be easily eliminated from the body No harm to the body Smells great When I use it for a long time, I'm happy. It will cause the smell of cigarette smoke and eventually quit smoking.



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