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The Black creek-Angelica Creek land protection program

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In Allegany County, large intact forests provide space for outdoor recreation as well as wildlife. The Land Conservancy works with interested landowners to conserve the rural character of the county by protecting water resources and forests and the services they provide to all residents. 

The Black Creek-Angelica Creek Land Protection Program protects forests, fields, and farms in the towns of Allen, Angelica, Birdsall, Grove, and West Almond.


Portions of these towns fall within the Black Creek watershed, which provides drinking water for residents in these towns and the Village of Angelica. Black and Angelica creeks also flow all the way to Lake Ontario and are part of the Great Lakes system.

The Land Conservancy works with landowners in one of two ways. They may obtain (through sale or donation) the development rights of a property from a landowner, who still owns and uses the property. When the landowner sells the property or passes it on, the easement remains and protects the property from ever being developed. In the second way, landowners would sell or donate their land to the Land Conservancy, who would keep it permanently protected as a nature preserve.


The Land Conservancy is asking interested parties who own land in these five communities to fill out this form to get started with this program. Questions? Contact Marcus Rosten at or via telephone: (716) 687-1225 ext. 118.


Participation in this program is completely voluntary.


Read about the Black Creek-Angelica Creek Land Protection Program in the Wellsville Sun

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