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Volunteer Events

Becker Preserve Volunteer Day (May)

Wednesday, May 22nd
Becker Preserve
Holland, NY

The Western New York Land Conservancy is hosting a second spring clean-up at the Becker Preserve in Holland, NY! Registrants will receive directions to the Becker Preserve approximately one week prior to the event. 

Join us on Wednesday, May 22nd for a clean-up of old maple syrup lines and debris throughout the Becker Preserve. The Land Conservancy will provide tools and garbage bags but please bring hand clippers and work gloves if you have them.

Important Notice: This event will involve a 20-minute hike into the property and 20-minute hike out through some sloped/hilly terrain. Also, expect the conditions to be wet and muddy. If this is your first time joining a Land Conservancy volunteer event, a few things to bring/be prepared for:

- Please bring water.
- Remember to wear closed-toed shoes and gloves since we will be working with tools.
- We encourage participants to wear bug spray and to regularly check for ticks (we mainly will be dealing with ticks and mosquitos).
- We will be working around plants that have thorns, so please dress however would make you comfortable working in the environment.
- There is no running water or restroom at the Becker Preserve.

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