Finding the Mother Tree: A Virtual Evening with Suzanne Simard

Wednesday, June 16th
7:00-8:30PM EST

The Western New York Land Conservancy is thrilled to virtually host Dr. Simard for a livestreamed virtual event. Finding the Mother Tree: An Evening with Suzanne Simard will include a presentation on her pioneering work and a conversation. To watch, click here.

Finding the Mother Tree  Cover Art.jpg

NatureLab Workshops: Understanding Wetlands

Saturday, June 19th

When discussing wetland habitats, it’s easy to get bogged down in the linguistic swamp of loosely applied terminology. At the College Lodge Forest Preserve, an extensive wetland complex presents excellent examples of Marsh, Swamp, Fen, and everything in between. In this workshop we’ll learn about the differences in hydrology, water chemistry, vegetation structure and soil that distinguish these habitats from one another. 

Klydel Wetland.jpg

NatureLab Workshops: Advanced Tree ID

Saturday, July 17th

Sometimes trees are well-behaved, presenting obvious clues that allow us to open up a field guide and identify them with confidence. But not all tree species have read the books we write about them. In this workshop, we’ll take a step beyond the usual Tree ID hike to sort out the complex array of trees growing in the swampy forests of the Margery Gallogly preserve on Grand Island.

Bitternut Hickory Fall Color.jpg

Forest Change and Forest Resilience

Saturday, August 21st

For more than two centuries, the impacts of land-use change in the wake of expanded European settlement have driven dramatic changes in Western New York’s forests. Participants in this workshop will explore the biological clues that allow us to “read” the deeply interwoven wild and human history that is written on the landscape, and consider the role of our modern society in shaping its future. 

Hemlock Forest.jpg