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Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary

Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary
Location: Grand Island, Erie County
Size: 145 acres

Hiking difficulty: Easy (note: Large sections of this trail are boardwalk.)

Included on NYS Birding Trail

The Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary is one of the largest undeveloped, privately-owned properties on Grand Island, and one of the largest remaining forests in the entire Niagara River watershed. Big and Little Sixmile Creeks each flow through this unique landscape as they make their way to the Niagara River.


The forest’s landscape was carved by the last glaciers and massive prehistoric floods, leaving behind vast wooded wetlands reminiscent of cypress forests in the bayous of the Southeast. In fact, the combination of oaks and hickories is more typical of forest further south of New York State, and represents what may be a newly described plant community.


This sprawling forest is also teeming with life. Passing migratory songbirds rest on the limbs of tall trees, while blue-spotted salamanders make their home on the forest floor below.

To visit the Margery Gallogly Nature Sanctuary, enter Assumption Cemetery on Whitehaven Road. The trail begins at the forest edge in the southwestern corner of the cemetery. There is a small parking area for visitors. The trails are open to people walking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing. Bicycles, motorized vehicles—such as ATVs—horses, or dogs are not allowed on the property.

Address: 2950 Whitehaven Rd, Grand Island, NY 14072

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