Image by Rodion Kutsaev

nature view park 

Nature View Park is a 1,254-acre park owned by the Town of Amherst with a conservation easement held by The Land Conservancy. The park includes forests, wetlands, and meadows. It has many walking trails that are free and open to the public. The parking lot for Nature View Park is located along the southeast side of Tonawanda Creek Road, between Sweet Home Road and Campbell Boulevard across the street from Amherst Veterans Canal Park.


Prior to this, the future of this former agricultural land was in jeopardy. In the 1970s an incinerator was planned for this site. With bulldozers already beginning to clear the land, the project was prevented by a court injunction filed by a group of neighbors. Rapid urban development soon made this land the largest undeveloped green space left in Amherst. In the 1990s a golf course was proposed for the site. After a series of public hearings with impassioned and carefully researched appeals, again by neighbors, this plan was stopped. In its place, residents asked for it to be a park, forever wild.


The eventual protection of Nature View Park was a grassroots effort accomplished by ten years of hard work, teenagers that cared enough to go door-to-door with petitions, residents that spoke up at public hearings, and neighbors that held meetings in living rooms and around kitchen tables. The passion of these neighbors would translate into the bipartisan support that elected officials needed to finalize the creation of the park.