The Owens Falls Sanctuary is one of Western New York’s best kept secrets. 

Over the rush of two spectacular waterfalls, springtime brings a chorus of spring peepers and on a warm summer day you can hear the eerie, flute-like song of the wood thrush.

On the coldest winter nights, you can hear the wind passing through the snow-draped trees.

The 57-acre property’s creek, its headwater forests, vernal pools, and wetlands provide a haven for rare wildlife and improve water quality throughout our region.

The property had been listed for sale and was a very tempting spot to clear the trees to put in driveways and build houses. The Land Conservancy had less than a year to prevent this treasure from being lost. The community rallied around this cause and, together, we protected this magical place forever.

Protected Forever

Access to The Owens Falls Sanctuary, known to some as Jackson Falls or Mother Falls, has always been limited, but now that the land is protected, the preserve is open for all to enjoy.

Creating the Owens Falls Sanctuary preserved a part of our heritage. East Aurora is home to the world-famous Roycroft Campus and Arts and Crafts community. The romance and idealism of the Roycroft way of life drew one of the Roycroft’s earliest artisans, Cecil Jackson, to purchase the Owens Falls property more than 100 years ago. From here, he could look over the entire Village of East Aurora.

Few places are as serene as Owens Falls. The breathtaking views of the forest and the falls are a magnificent backdrop for a walk or a snowshoeing adventure. The preserve is now a wellness resource for the community, where people of all ages can enjoy year-round recreational outdoors. It is a place where people can be immersed in the wild and to learn about our natural world.

Please respect the boundaries of the preserve and do not trespass onto neighboring properties.