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Scenic Woods-Bicentennial Park

Scenic Woods-Bicentennial Park

Location: Grand Island, Erie County

Size: 220 acres

Hiking difficulty: Easy

Located in the Town of Grand Island, Scenic Woods-Bicentennial Park is a roughly 220-acre wetland forest. The property is owned by the town, but portions of it are protected with a conservation easement by the Land Conservancy.


It is home to numerous ecological communities including northern deciduous forest, successional shrubland and old-field upland communities, and forested, shrub-scrub, wet meadow and shallow emergent marsh wetland communities. It is also a significant flyway for many migratory bird species that traverse the Niagara River corridor.

Visitors to Scenic Woods-Bicentennial Park will find a towering mature oak and hickory forest—one of the best-preserved mature forests on Grand Island—as they walk the wide boardwalk or crushed stone trails.

To reach the Scenic Wood-Bicentennial Park, use the directions found here.

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